Follow the progress of your vehicle in real-time

By keeping up with your vehicle in real time you can see your exact position on a map and you can consult the last location of your vehicle registered by the GPS. Just by tapping on the indicator of your Icon in the map more information will appear.


The application can generate and send notifications through e-mail or notify you by a pop-up window dedicated for important or alarming accuracy.Many notifications may be sent. This can be started by a series of events that you can put in place, for example, a crossed territory; a speed limit violation, a click on the SOS button, a lost GPS connection or a forcefully opened door.

Geofencing (Perimeter of activity)

With the option of the geofence, you will be capable of creating a virtual perimeter in the geographic zones in which you have a particular interest. The purpose of Geofence is to control the presence of the units pf your car in the work perimeter. You will be notified by the slightest change or disturbance.

POI (interest points)

The POI will allow you to put markers in places that are important or useful. You can as well name the area, add a short description, attach an image or even a video.

History and progress report

The history of your vehicle can be accessed in the map in addition to supplemental Data, as the diagram of time/speed, the stops, the entire report, etc. You also have the possibility to generate group reports of your units


Supplemental tools are available :

You can research addresses through the search panel by typing in the coordinates of the location. You can also calculate distances between different zones on the map.

User settings:

Through these settings, you will have the possibility of managing active  GPS tracker, add more captors and personalize to facilitate the identification process.

A Mobile compatible app :

The innovative and modern GPS tracker will give you the possibility of consulting your reports autonomously directly from your smartphone